WWE Announce Another Match For Hell In A Cell

Shane McMahon vs. KO has been made official for 8 October...

Kevin Owens Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon officially announced on this week's SmackDown that Kevin Owens will be facing Shane McMahon inside Hell in a Cell at the pay-per-view of the same name on 8 October.

This grudge match joins Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Title (a rematch from SummerSlam) as one of only two matches revealed for the pay-per-view thus far. The announcement also preceded a savage beat down on McMahon by Owens, one which was designed to fan the flames of animosity between he and Shane.

The segment was convincing and did more to sell the KO vs. Shane match than months of bickering promos could. Now, there's genuine interest in seeing a war between the ex-SmackDown Commissioner and his renegade talent.

Any time Vince shows up on TV, fans know they're going to see something special. That was the case once more on SmackDown, because Owens looked every bit the ruthless dirtbag heel as he first heat butted McMahon, before hitting the boss with a Frog Splash from the top rope.

Expect the Hell in a Cell card to be further fleshed out over the next few weeks, possibly even with another Cell match added.


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