WWE Announces John Cena Vs. Rusev For Fast Lane PPV

The evil "Russian" faces the American hero at WWE's new February PPV.

This Monday's Raw was mostly a taped show with some interviews mixed in, but they also announced some things for the Fast Lane PPV in Memphis on February 22 on WWE Network. One of the announcements involved John Cena.

There were two tweets sent out by a new @WWE Twitter account @WWEsAuthority. It's an official account that @WWE retweeted. Here's the first tweet they sent out: "Per the Office of The Authority and COO @TripleH: @JohnCena will face @RusevBUL at the #WWEFastLane on the @WWENetwork. @WWE" The Cena/Rusev feud has been rumored for several months now. The idea is that Rusev hasn't been pinned or submitted (he has lost by countout and disqualification) since he's been on the main roster after WrestleMania 30 last year. He's beaten everybody put in front of him. Who can stop him? Maybe the ultimate babyface that the kids love, John Cena. Their storyline was started after Sunday's Royal Rumble. They didn't interact much at all before that although they were on opposite sides at Survivor Series. It's one of those things where they were kept apart because they didn't want people thinking about it until they were ready. Cena was doing an interview about his Royal Rumble loss in the WWE Title match when Rusev came barging in to complain about how he finished second in the Rumble match. They went face to face literally before they were pulled apart by a bunch of midcard wrestlers. It was a good way to start an issue with them. http://youtu.be/CbRqq2pURxg What's interesting about the rivalry is that they were expected to do this match at WrestleMania 31. It was even mentioned by Michael Cole on Raw that it was going to be at WrestleMania, but instead it's going to take place at Fast Lane first. The guess here is that the Fast Lane match ends in a DQ or countout to set up a second match at WrestleMania. There's no reason to just end it in February unless there's some other plan for Cena at WrestleMania that we don't know about. What about Rusev's US Title? It's unlikely that Cena is going to go after it. Rusev is unlikely to lose it to somebody else unless they say he can lose it in a match via DQ or countout. Most likely it's just going to be ignored. WWE has done such a poor job of booking that title for a few years now. This will be one of the biggest matches at Fast Lane, if not the main event. It's also the biggest match of Rusev's career at this point. It's the evil fake Russian against the prideful American. It would be great for Rusev's career if he could win the feud against Cena, but that's unlikely to happen. Go watch Rocky 4 if you want to know how it ends.
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