WWE Backlash 2017: 20 Best Internet Reactions To Jinder Mahal's Win

Yes, him, really.

Jinder Mahal Wins

So, that's WWE Backlash 2017 in the can and apparently the entire course of WWE Championship history and the company's legacy as a whole has been irreversibly damaged and we're all living in a toxic timeline where the worst possible things can and will happen. At least that's the feeling you'll get if you really dial into the most negative responses to Jinder Mahal's victory over Randy Orton.

It was a night of strange things: of mops and old lady wigs, of pointless Women's tag matches and Sami Zayn victories, of trapped feet (again) and Aiden English's grin in defeat. But in a little while, all of that will evaporate into the ether and all anyone will talk about - good or bad - is that Mahal won. That he became the 50th WWE Champion in the process. And that this was the moment that a business-led agenda to appeal to a potentially lucrative new market obliterated all common decency.

Again, perhaps that's an exaggeration, but absorbing social media reactions after results like that can have a monstrous effect on psychology. Because everything's on fire.

Remember how we joked before it all kicked off? Simpler times. Better times...

And now they've gone and spoiled it all by daring to do something different and baffling the majority of their fanbase in the process.

So how did the Internet community see it? As if you couldn't guess...

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