WWE Backlash 2017 Results Predictions

Who to back with cash at Backlash?


Sometimes in life, you have to hold your hands up and say: I was wrong.

It's not always easy. It may be at the expense of spousal humility. It might, in extreme circumstances, land you in the slammer. Worst of all: it could tarnish your internet credo. But honesty is the best policy - honestly. So let's have some now.

I admit it: I made a complete balls of my Payback predictions. I stupidly exchanged likelihood for logic, making a slew of seemingly-sound but ultimately flawed predictions based on my cerebrum, not my cynicism.

It was all a bit of a travesty, truth be told. 'WWE logic' was second-guessed, as I instead plumped for what seemed most sensible. Champions losing in their home-town. Aging rock-stars packing for their tour claiming championships. Bray Wyatt winning. It was all so obvious but... for a moment... I tried to see the glass half-full.

I've since learned: the glass is rarely even a quarter full, and it probably has a bacteria-cradling chip in the rim. So no such mistakes this time: it's a return to flat-out pessimism. All formulas will be adhered too at Backlash, and nothing is too silly to happen.

But let me make one thing clear: Jinder becoming champ isn't included there. There's nothing silly about that.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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