WWE Backstage Meltdown Over Late Raw Script?

Vince McMahon hits a new low when it comes to late scripts...

Vince McMAhon Angry

WWE are currently in the midst of a most chaotic year, with widespread backstage turmoil affecting everyone from the writing team to disenfranchised stars like Sasha Banks, The Revival, and Luke Harper.

Last week saw Wade Keller interview an associate of three full-time WWE writers, bringing forth a number of revelations on the disorganised mess that is WWE's creative department, with Vince McMahon's penchant for rewriting everything coming in for particularly strong criticism. It's no secret that the Chairman likes to make wide, swooping changes at the last minute, and it sounds like he hit a new level with last night's Raw:-

While the source's track record means this report should be taken with a hint of cynicism, it's easy to buy into the idea of McMahon not finalising his script until Raw had hit the airwaves.

WWE's creative room sounds like hell. An overstaffed writing team are forced to cater to the whims of a crazy whim who has the power to veto anything and everything, and staff turnover is high, with Brian 'Road Dogg' James the highest-profile casualty in 2019. This is reflected in Raw's quality, too, with the flagship serving up another three-hour dud this week.

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