WWE Backstage Reaction To Seth Rollins Nude Scandal

WWE are in a forgiving mood with Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins is not being blamed for last night's nude photos scandal, reports PWInsider. WWE officials have taken the stance that Rollins' social media was "obviously" hacked, so he was therefore not guilty of spreading the images. The nude photos of NXT wrestler Zahra Schreiber on Seth's Twitter account were apparently posted by his disgruntled fiancee. She then posted naked images of Rollins from her own account. It is unknown if Rollins is still planning to marry Leighla Schultz, after her account published photos of his fully erect penis. WWE issued a note to the wrestlers last night after Raw, requesting that they do not discuss or make reference to the situation with Rollins. The company does not want to be "insensitive" to Rollins. As such, we can conclude that WWE's stance will be to let the controversy blow over. Seth Rollins is one of Triple H's favourite performers, and it is reasonable to presume that the WWE executive has protected the star in this situation. Vince McMahon was surely livid at the predicament, but there's really little anyone could've done about a woman scorned. With Seth Rollins being the number on heel and best wrestler in the business, it really is best that this entire situation is just brushed aside. WWE will be keen to let him move forward, as he's primed to be a main event star for years to come.
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