WWE Bringing Back Classic Pay-Per-View With New Twist?

Just don't give them a pink tiara, eh?

king of the ring logo

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that WWE is interesting in reformatting a classic pay-per-view of yore: the King Of The Ring tournament, but renamed Queen Of The Ring - which may act as a sequel of sorts to the much-acclaimed all-women's Evolution event of 2018.

In WWE's recent history, attempts to reboot the event have manifested as half-hearted star vehicles for the likes of Sheamus and Wade Barrett - the subsequent "pushes" of which, in addition to its abandonment, lend credence to the idea that McMahon has simply tired of the concept. However, with women's wrestling perceived as a key progressivist PR initiative, one that has commanded considerable critical acclaim, it's plausible that this reboot, if in fact it materialises, would be treated like royalty. Another modern WWE trend - hyper-marketing - may even paint a picture of the event before Stephanie McMahon invents a tournament first held in 1985.

Again, we are editorialising here.

Charlotte Flair reigns supreme as WWE's Queen, in both its fiction and its office - and one suspects she will feature heavily in the promotion of the event, as either frontrunner or the eventual Champion any winner would meet at a future PPV to be considered truly deserving of the crown.

And, should Becky Lynch continue to steam ahead as the undisputed top female star, a Queen Of The Ring event promoted around WWE's long-preferred action would act as an equaliser of sorts.

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