WWE Cardiff Live - 10 Interesting Observations

9. The Miz Argues With A Child

 Say what you will about The Miz, but he knows how to expertly draw heat from a crowd. In Cardiff, that involved him taking what felt like forever to remove his sunglasses, but things took an unexpected turn when a very noisy little boy sitting a couple of rows in front of me started shouting at the divisive Superstar at the top of his lungs; he was clearly a passionate wrestling fan, but none too fond of The Miz. The brilliant thing about this was the fact that The Miz clearly noticed him early on and made an effort to argue with this vocal kid for a good portion of the match. Beating up Cesaro, the so-called Hollywood A-Lister repeatedly taunted the youngster and looked like he was having a blast doing so. The New Day also got involved with a young member of the crowd after asking to take a look at his "New Day Sucks" sign, promising to not tear it up, and doing exactly that the second they got their hands on it (much to the horror of some of the other parents standing nearby). Interestingly, despite only fairly quiet chants for Mizdow breaking out sporadically during the match, The Miz picked up the mic a few times to state that there was no plans for a reunion for that tag team. While it's probably nothing, could him mentioning his former partner have been a way of testing the water for some sort of reunion? Both men would no doubt benefit from one!
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