WWE: Chris Jericho To Stick Around For A While?

Chris Jericho's impressive return at last night's Royal Rumble is not just a one shot deal if sources within the company are to be believed. Jericho made his sudden and unexpected return last night as the number two entrant in the Rumble contest, facing his old adversary Dolph Ziggler, the man who cost Y2J his job from a storyline point of view. Given the reaction to Chris' entrance, it is believed that he may appear for the company as part of the build to WrestleMania in between his commitments to his band Fozzy, who have only a small touring schedule between now and April, freeing him up for a few months. WWE and Sci-Fi are also believed to be in talks over a block scheduling of Smackdown and Jericho's Real Steel-inspired TV Show Robot Combat League, which would be a great chance for the two companies to cross-promote and perhaps help Smackdown's chances of remaining on TV when the show's deal is up later this year. To further fuel the speculation, WWE released a new Chris Jericho T-Shirt with the classic Jericho pose on the front and the slogan "Often Imitated Never Duplicated" emblazoned on the back on its online store this morning. Whether a programme between Jericho and Ziggler will happen remains to be seen, but the matches they had last year were some of the best on TV. In other news, Goldust who also returned last night in the Rumble has promised his feud with little brother Cody is far from over. Goldust was released from his agent role a while ago and has been working independent dates since.
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