WWE Clash Of Champions 2017: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Dolph Ziggler stole the show. Seriously.

AJ Styles Clash Of Champions

If you were hoping that Clash of Champions was going to be another PPV that looked uninspired on paper but actually ended up over-delivering, you'd no doubt be left massively underwhelmed by what WWE actually served up.

While it wouldn't be fair to call Clash a terrible show, it was simply lacking in inspiration throughout. After a solid opener, the event quickly settled into a rhythm of boring, overlong matches that didn't feel PPV-worthy, and so by the end of the night it was easy to feel worn down by the avalanche of mediocrity.

In effect there were two matches here worth fans' time, but there was certainly nothing that got even close to being great, as is the tradition for December shows, which are typically pretty low-effort and inconsequential.

Results-wise it was basically fine and could've been much worse overall, but if this was meant to make fans amped to watch SmackDown, well, it didn't really work...


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