WWE Clash Of Champions 2019: 10 Things That Must Happen

Title changes, difference makers, plot twists and piggy in the middle...

Bray Wyatt The Fiend

WWE will have three weeks of television between this Sunday's Clash Of Champions pay-per-view and its Hell In A Cell follow-up on 6 October. By then, the company will have moved SmackDown to FOX and will already be going head-to-head on Wednesday nights with AEW's show on TNT.

That may already mean the booking staff are looking beyond Clash to October. Or, it could mean that this weekend's already stacked 11-match card will throw up some surprises that tick storylines along, give everyone a match they've been craving and make the annual Cell slog worth seeing.

There are several rivalries worthy of the mighty Cell gimmick, and all of them will be dynamite if WWE don't trip up now. Here's everything that must happen in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday night for Clash Of Champs 2019 to come out looking newsworthy, entertaining and, above all else, impactful on TV going forwards.

Attention, Spectrum Center staff in Cackalacky: WWE need you to open the doors when Bray Wyatt whispers, "Let Me In". Upcoming drama depends on it, even if the title scene might not...


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