WWE Crown Jewel: 10 Things That Must Happen

Seth Rollins wrestling Kurt Angle = essential.

WWE Crown Jewel

Last Sunday at Evolution, fans loudly jeered routine hype for Crown Jewel, and that's surely one of the first times a pay-per-view has been treated with such scorn from the folks WWE hope will tune into it. Then, John Cena and Daniel Bryan pulled out.

WWE haven't mentioned that Crown Jewel is taking place in Saudi Arabia for weeks now either, giving this event a curious atmosphere before it even happens. Controversy has undoubtedly hurt the show's build, and it chips away at the paint job on a card hosting Shawn Michaels' first match in over eight years.

That's the thing to focus on. As much as the circumstances surrounding it stink and some are turned off by WWE's desire to make bank, Crown Jewel's match lineup isn't actually too shoddy. There's the potential for dream matches in the aforementioned World Cup, a new Universal Champ will be crowned, HBK is back in the saddle and we're guaranteed another WWE Title whopper.

Here's everything that must happen on Friday for Crown Jewel to appear as more than the glorified house show Super Show-Down did...


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