WWE - Daniel Bryan Interview: Thoughts On Cena, Dream Opponent And Beards

Daniel Bryan1 The day before Daniel Bryan would fulfil his dream of winning the WWE Championship and live his nightmare of losing it in another title defence that lasted in seconds rather than minutes I was able to get a quick interview with the former champion. Bryan, who was there as part of the promotional Q & A session for 2K Games upcoming WWE 2K14 video game gave his views on John Cena as an in ring performer, complimenting the man who on television he has recently derided as not being a real wrestler. He also chatted about his beard as part of his gimmick, its history and his determination to keep it. And in answering a question he never quite got the opportunity to answer due to Ric Flair's entertaining if controversial dominance of the Q & A, Bryan reveals who his dream opponent would be for WrestleMania. Daniel Bryan has defied all the odds to make it in the WWE, having first been with the company more than a decade ago under a developmental contract. This wouldn't prove an easy road for Bryan as he was released in 2001 and took the better part of a decade to make it back to the big league where he was in the first season of NXT. Further setbacks saw him fired, but fan support soon had the American Dragon rehired and on a two year path from SummerSlam 2011 to last Sunday where he finally won the WWE Champion, albeit if only for a short time. Regardless of this fact history tells us Bryan will continue to fight on and progress to bigger things. Bryan was at the event to promote WWE 2K14 which will be released on Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 on October 29th in the US and on November 1st in the UK and other territories.
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