WWE: Dave Batista To Return Tonight On RAW?

Last week on Monday Night RAW with Wrestlemania 29 a memory and their respective feuds finally over, Brock Lesnar and…

Matt Aspin



Last week on Monday Night RAW with Wrestlemania 29 a memory and their respective feuds finally over, Brock Lesnar and The Rock were finally free to set in motion the events that would lead to their eventual big money match at a future WWE Pay Per View. What WWE’s creative team hadn’t anticipated however was that The Rock would not be able to attend RAW after suffering a painful injury mid way through his WWE Championship match with John Cena only hours earlier.

With Rock out of the picture Lesnar – who was supposed to brutally attack The Rock and set up a long term feud – was left with nothing to do and instead was given the night off. With no clear return date for Rock it seemed any plans for Lesnar would need to be adjusted but which star would be big enough to replace The Rock?

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the name currently being suggested for the feud is none other than Dave Batista who has recently been spotted at his own gym getting back into wrestling shape after losing tons of muscle mass when he quit wrestling in 2010.

Pairing these two behemoths against each other would create some real excitement amongst fans who have long considered this a dream match. Both men were destructive monsters during their runs at the top of WWE except unlike Lesnar Batista managed to stay on top for several years with white hot feuds against guys like The Undertaker, Triple H and John Cena. When he left WWE 3 years ago he was in the middle of a massively successful Heel run which completely reinvigorated his stale character. It is unlikely that Batista would return as anything other than a Babyface if he is to feud with Lesnar which is perhaps the only negative about bringing him back.

Batista has long been unhappy with WWE’s PG programming but is said to have had his interest piqued again after seeing some of the PG elements stretched in the last 12 months in particular with guys like Lesnar and CM Punk. With The Rock out of the picture a match between Batista and Lesnar at May’s Extreme Rules PPV could give WWE a much needed post ‘Mania boost at the box office.

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