WWE Draft 2017: 10 Trades To Expect

The Superstar Shake-up is coming, but who'll be on the move?


The first Raw after WrestleMania always brings big changes ahead of WWE's "new season," and this year was no different. Finn Balor returned, The Revival debuted, and Vince McMahon made his first appearance since last May, introducing Kurt Angle as the new Raw General Manager, and announcing the Superstar Shake-up.

It'll see Angle joined by SmackDown's Daniel Bryan on next week's Raw, with Vince giving both sides the opportunity to conduct inter-brand trades and deals. It won't be as grand as last year's draft, and only a few wrestlers are expected to switch shows, but it should go a long way towards revitalising both brands ahead of the coming year of programming.

These changes have been speculated for months, and while there's still ambiguity towards how the deals will be conducted, everything points towards some of WWE's biggest names finding new homes next week.

This is a great opportunity for the company to not only address long-standing problems like SmackDown's lack of depth, but build anticipation and enthusiasm for the year ahead. If they make the right moves on April 10th, they'll accomplish both with ease.

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