WWE Evolution: 8 Things We Learned

The main roster need to start looking over their shoulders...

Ronda Rousey Nikki Bella

Well, the first ever all-female pay-per-view in WWE history is in the bag and attention now turns to (uh oh) Crown Jewel in (UH OH) Saudi Arabia. Don't be too hasty in moving on from Evolution though, because there was far more to digest than a quick glance at the card's results may suggest.

There are new pushes on the horizon, and that will only cause problems for those who are struggling for house room on Raw and SmackDown. Those ladies must be getting antsy, not least 'cause they'll be fully aware of the pesky upstarts pushing for their spots on the main roster.

Then, there are lessons to be learned from how well Evolution performed at the gate. Concrete information might be scarce right now, but that didn't quite look like the sell out Michael Cole and Renee Young claimed on the Kickoff show. There were definite gaps and, unless somebody in the Nassau Coliseum forgot to pay the power bill, WWE wanted to hide them.

It's not all doom and gloom, don't worry. 'Things We Learned' doesn't strictly mean Evolution was a poor night. In actual fact, it wasn't, it was one of the most solid, watchable pay-per-view cards of the entire year...


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