WWE Exclusive: Jerry Lawler Interview - In Ring Return, What Caused His Heart Attack

Jerry Lawler This past weekend I was in LA to cover SummerSlam and 2K Games WWE 2K14 videogame, and whilst there I got a chance to chat to some of the WWE Superstars. Perhaps the most interesting chat came when I spoke with Jerry The King Lawler, who talked to me about a number of subjects, including commentary, if he planned to return to wrestle in a WWE ring and his heart attack. As you'll see in the video, Lawler highlights that a possible cause of the heart attack may have came as a result of multiple elbow drops that Dolph Ziggler hit in the match that pitted himself and Randy Orton against CM Punk and Ziggler on the episode of Raw ten minutes prior to the heart attack. As you'll see below, Lawler did receive a couple of high impact elbows from Ziggler in the match, the first of which Ziggler hit from a high jump, so Lawler's theory that this could have caused his heart the difficulties could well be accurate. Knowing that minutes later Jerry would be fighting for his life its incredible to watch the match back now and see how fit and sprightly Lawler looked as he dashes about the ring and rushes up the top rope twice in quick succession. As Jerry goes on to say in the interview he's doing much better now and does indeed have hopes of a return to a WWE ring. It's noteworthy that the former AWA World Champion doesn't just state that he hopes for one final match, but hopes for another run in the WWE. In the past few years Lawler had arguably had his most successful run in the WWE having wrestled his first match at a WrestleMania, challenging The Miz for the WWE Championship and at the time of his heart attack was involved in a feud with CM Punk.
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