WWE Extend Dash Wilder's Contract By 2 More Months?

A 2017 injury comes back to haunt the Revival star.

Dash Wilder

The complicated case of The Revival's WWE future rumbles on, with Bodyslam.net's Cassidy Haynes reporting that the promotion have decided to add two months onto Dash Wilder's contract.

Fightful have corroborated the original writeup, which claims that Wilder's deal will now expire in June 2020 rather than April 2020, which was revealed as The Revival's original departure date shortly after Wilder and Scott Dawson attempted to resign from WWE while still in their ring gear back in January.

A broken jaw that kept Wilder sidelined for two months in 2017 is the reason for the extension. Per the terms of their agreements with the "independent contractors" that comprise the roster, WWE reserve the right to add any time missed through injury to their deal. The same situation arose with Luke Harper last week.

This week brought news that Dash and Dawson had turned down a reported $500,000-550,000 per annum deal to stay with WWE, followed by the company scripting them in a humiliating back-shaving segment on Raw. A long year of burials and embarrassments likely await The Revival, who were once considered the world's pre-eminent tag team, but have been utilised horrendously on WWE's main roster.

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