WWE Extreme Rules 2018: 12 Results Predictions



One interesting fact about WWE Extreme Rules in 2018 is that the extremity is almost entirely nominal. It's surely some sort of inside joke that the only match on this year's card which adheres to the titular stipulation is Alexa Bliss' two-hundredth meeting with sometimes pal Nia Jax, a bout no one but their respective mothers could possibly care about. But the company are in too deep now; the name's here to stay. Which is a shame, because 'WWE Rules' would be a pretty witty designation.

Perhaps the 'extreme' refers to the length, if not the weight, of the card, though 'excess' would be more apt. WWE have apparently remembered they have not one, but two sets of tag team titles, and have decided to give them an airing this Sunday. Despite that, neither are relegated to the pre-show, leaving room for an Andrade Almas re-run against Sin Cara completely outwith necessity. That means we have a totally gluttonous twelve matches on offer this Sunday, one of them stipulated for thirty minutes. Extreme.

Besides the obvious outcome of Roman Reigns prevailing ahead of a traffic jam in the main event (it is), the rest is all rather intriguing. And no: Hulk Hogan won't be there. Though perhaps WWE Hulk Rules would be an even better rebrand?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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