WWE Extreme Rules 2018: Every Last Minute Rumour You Need To Know

They couldn't... could they?

Extreme Rules 2018

Ah yes, Extreme Rules! Where a chair is no longer merely for sitting, a cage is not just where your rabbit lives, and they once even had a steel steps match. The f' was that about?

We’ve seen some hellish encounters here in the past. Edge and Jeff Hardy on the ladder, Cena and Brock bleeding like stuffed pigs, Bayley and Alexa’s kendo stick thing. You know for a fact that Vince brought himself violently to orgasm on at least two of those.

In an era of all the alleged “B-Shows” being largely interchangeable, this one still stands out as a fairly interesting night of novelty matches. Especially in this age of PG and being family friendly.

So, let’s take a quick walk through the hedge-maze of internet speculation and see what whispers are floating around for WWE’s Extreme Rules 2018.

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