WWE Extreme Rules 2018: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Utter mediocrity.

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 AJ Styles Rusev

Most fans probably weren't going into this year's Extreme Rules PPV with high expectations: after all, the card looked pretty soft on paper, and the lack of actual extreme stipulation matches kinda killed the vibe from the outset.

Despite the presence of a few decent-to-good matches, the show was for the most part either boring or immensely frustrating, with atrocious booking decisions derailing a number of enticing bouts, and numerous in-ring talents shamelessly phoning their performances in.

Once again this is a PPV that convinces that WWE doesn't need to put on four-hour, 12-match shows every month: it's too much of a muchness and leaves all but the most devoted fans tired and irritable by the time it's all over (to say nothing of those in attendance).

It was a show that happened, and one that most probably won't remember before long. As a lead-in to SummerSlam it was a total misfire, and the next few weeks of TV will need to work hard to ensure fans actually give a damn about it.

On the major plus side, at least Hulk Hogan was nowhere to be seen, despite him being reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame a few hours before the show started...


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