WWE Extreme Rules 2018: Star Ratings For All 12 Matches

11. KICKOFF: SAnitY Vs. The New Day - Tables Match


More “Extreme” than much of the main card proper, this was also so much more fun than much of the main card proper.

Suitably chaotic, WWE went some way towards righting the wrong of a delayed and unflattering push on behalf of Eric Young et al. Using the inherent suspense of the stipulation well enough, Young and Wolfe narrowly avoided an early fall before Killian Dain assumed control for his faction with the sort of stupendous. eye-catching dive with which he became the star of it.

Crammed full of pop-worthy tandem spots, the match may have benefited from a Royal Rumble 2000-esque stipulation, in which every member of the losing team had to eat wood. Something more violent and destructive lay beneath the surface. It would not be the first match of the night not to exploit the full potential of its stipulation.

Also: why was Dain wearing a t-shirt? He’s a beast of a wrestler. His preposterously hairy back accentuates that.

But, given the disrespectful crowd, he at least avoided “Shave your back” chants…

Star Rating: **3/4


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