WWE Fastlane 2017: 22 Best Internet Reactions To Goldberg's Win

Hail to the part-timers...


The last PPV of the year before WrestleMania should be a big deal: it's the appetiser for the main course, and fans should be fed something that titivates and promotes already established feuds in a way that makes the pay-offs at the big one even more exciting.

But that's not the world we live in. Instead, WWE took the Fastlane to a roadblock of their own making, throwing in a series of odd decisions that seriously brought into question the ability of the creative team to actually book a coherent story. But who cares because Goldberg won and he's still money, right?

The problem now is that this is the bitter taste fans are forced to take into 'Mania, an event that is supposed to be not only the crown jewels of the product but also an opportunity for WWE to congratulate and celebrate themselves. What a way to set that up, with the universe decrying one half of the flagship shows and the launchpad PPV being called the worst since the brand split.

The long and short of it is that the fans aren't happy, and that's not good for business, and looking through their reactions to the night's events tells a chilling tale.

Incidentally, kudos to those who called it before the card even kicked off...

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