WWE Gallery: How Every ALL IN Wrestler Is Perceived By Vince McMahon

“Let’s get them ALL IN, and then not use them.”


Vince McMahon watched ALL IN.

Well, he probably didn’t, but he paid attention to it. This was the biggest Independent wrestling show of all time, and while not a threat to WWE at all—the financial health of his company is as assured as Roman Reigns’ spot on the card—ALL IN’s improbable, manifested success does pose something of a concern. Or, sadly, it represents an opportunity driven by pure spite.

His talent may see it as evidence that there is creative freedom to enjoy and money to be made beyond the walls of Titan Towers. There is also a major arena-sized spotlight to perform under. Conversely, McMahon may once more do what he did to build his sports entertainment empire in the first instance: ruthlessly weaken the competition with the siren call of his New York money, before losing interest in his new acquisitions in a New York Minute.

In a New York Minute, everything can change.

Asuka was an undefeated destroyer in NXT before she was defeated and destroyed on SmackDown. You’d bet Kairi Sane’s treasure on Vince McMahon reacting to her with utter bemusement. That goes for most NXT acts, sadly.

And the cast of ALL IN?


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