WWE Gallery: How Vince McMahon Perceives Every SmackDown Superstar

"Just book them in a tag team main event in the opening segment."


The word “satirical” was used in the introduction of the sister article covering Vince McMahon’s thoughts on the "stars" of the RAW brand.

That was the intention; to utilise humour in order to shine a light on the drastic, inscrutable whims of the WWE COO and godfather. This is being reiterated again in order to manage expectations. This is meant to be a bit of fun. With McMahon, you just gotta laugh, else drive yourself as batsh*t insane as he is.

This week, McMahon essentially cancelled Talking Smack - the beloved cult Network platform which, if nothing else, enabled performers to add nuance to their acts and develop the confidence to orate their scripted lines on WWE television. McMahon felt that not enough people watched it, but equally, it must have been as cheap as an undercard PPV finish to produce. It must have triggered his control freak tendencies. That is a cynical - but sadly no less true -assessment.

McMahon micromanages every facet of WWE programming. Which would be fine, if he had a clue how to relate to audiences in 2017. I'm not necessarily saying he doesn't - but then, Naomi used Bugs Bunny as a frame of reference in a promo a month or so back.


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