WWE Getting More Aggressive In Pursuing Indie Talent?

NJPW/ROH success could spur a major talent raid.

Pentagon Jr Lucha Underground
El Rey Network

WWE's talent acquisition department have the global independent scene in their crosshairs, and according to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the promotion are becoming "very aggressive" when it comes to new signings.

Having hoovered up hordes of the scene's biggest and brightest over the past few years, WWE are about to step it up a notch. Meltzer writes that Impact Wrestling/Lucha Underground duo Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix have already told promoters that their 2019 dates "are in question," with current EVOLVE Champion Shane Strickland - who returned to the WWE-affiliated WWN organisation in May - also mentioned by name.

Meltzer cites All In and the upcoming ROH/NJPW Madison Square Garden show (which is expected to sell out) as factors. Realistically, WWE aren't threatened by these promotions, but their competitors are getting stronger than they'd like, and they're out to nip their surge in the bud.

He adds that this is why WWE recently did a U-turn on Matt Riddle, who they'd passed up before, but is now expected to appear in the crowd at TakeOver: Brooklyn 4.

Whatever happens, the company seem dead set on adding to their already overstocked talent pool. Expect significant acquisitions over the coming months.

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