WWE Glasgow Live - 10 Interesting Observations

It Reigned in Scotland last night!

The last time I went to a WWE house show was in November 2013 when CM Punk and Daniel Bryan headlined against the original 3 members of The Wyatt Family. On paper it sounds great but Punk€™s heart just wasn€™t in it that night and that coupled with an R-Truth/Curtis Axel street fight made me check out of attending house shows for a while.

On Tuesday, I got an email offering me the opportunity to attend WWE's latest UK tour. Never one to turn down a freebie, I gladly took the tickets and headed down to the SSE Hydro to see what kind of show WWE was giving Scotland on this tour.

Having been to so many WrestleManias, I€™m so used to seeing hardcore fans or groups of teenagers, folk from different countries and everything in between. The house show market is a different animal in that it's very heavily attended by children. Parents take their kids to see the WWE and every time, the kids are decked out head to toe in Cena merchandise, whether he€™s on the card or not.

So let€™s see what WWE had to offer the great Glaswegians on this leg of WWE Live....


Kenny is a successful podcast host with Inside The Ropes, promotes exciting Q&A events in the UK with the likes of Sting and DDP, has interviewed the big guns like Foley, Jericho, Bruno and Austin and enjoys cheese a great deal.