WWE Greatest Royal Rumble: Predicting 10 Entrants Not Yet Announced

Mystery Men


WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble mega-event creates quite the conundrum.

As a fan, there are few things more exciting than the ordinarily annual Pat Patterson master creation. It's a contest of inch perfect execution for everything that makes pro wrestling so exciting, meshing booking fascinations with elements of surprise and the keenly manufactured sense of competition the industry requires to maintain a veneer of believability. Adding 20 more performers in to the usual 30, WWE have put b*llocks on top of bullsh*t to provide the Saudi Arabian crowd with a insane main event for a insane card.

Ethically, it's an absolute mess.

Latest revelations about the problematic presentation have alleged that female fans will not even be permitted to attend the event unless accompanied by a man. This on top of the fact that WWE have consented to sending no female performers over as per archaic geographic regulations casts a shadow over a show already buried under a heap of criticism. In even promoting it to begin with, WWE are willingly engaging in a regeneration programme for the country that itself seems rife with controversy. And all for an astronomical fee.

"But...but...a 50 man Rumble!" screams the voice in your head, and Vince McMahon wins again.

Whilst it's impossible to completely look away from the astronomical issues, it's still tragically all too easy to enjoy the wrestling in spite of it. WWE have weathered greater scandals anyway, and this is the Greatest Royal Rumble after all...


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