WWE Hall Of Fame 2014: 10 Candidates For Induction

3. Randy Savage

Does Randy Savage belong in the WWE Hall of Fame? Oooooooo yeah, he does! Will WWE finally let him in this year? Oooooo...maybe? It is an absolute mystery why Savage isn't already in the hall. Everyone seems to have their own guess as to why. The most popular theory over the years is that Savage had inappropriate relations with Stephanie McMahon. None of the higher-ups in WWE have ever fully confirmed or denied this, but it's clear that something went sour between Vince McMahon and Savage. Anyway, if we put speculation aside, the Hall feels absolutely incomplete without Savage. He's main-evented multiple WrestleManias, and was perhaps the second most important wrestler in WWE for the first 10 Manias (next to Hogan). He was one of the best workers of his era, one of the best talkers and even non-wrestling fans recognized him the world over. What better time than at WrestleMania XXX would it be for Savage to get in? Will WWE finally correct this glaring oversight? Or will the Macho Man unfairly stay out of the Hall for another year?
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