WWE Hall Of Fame 2017: 10 Best Moments

An historic night.

WWE Hall Of Fame 2017 Teddy Long

The 2017 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony was a show for the ages, a night filled with immense joy at seeing accomplished careers recognised, and heartbreak at those who are sadly no longer around to accept inductions for themselves.

Yes, it ran way, way too long and the Warrior Award segment continues to be heavily divisive, but these issues are easy to forgive considering the abundance of fan-pleasing moments and genuine emotion throughout the night.

From wrestlers going off-script to a certain manager giving a certain amazing speech, some incredible tributes and one Hell of a headlining send-off, this year's Hall of Fame was a nostalgia-infused delight for the most part.

10. Sami Zayn Laughing At Roman Getting Booed

Roman Reigns getting booed by fans was a deliciously bizarre moment in its own right (and cemented how desperately he needs to be turned heel), but Sami Zayn managed to one-up Roman's cocky snarl by emerging behind him, laughing his a** off at how much the fans hate him. Could he be...one of us?

Vince, whatever you do, please don't see this and make Sami job for the rest of his WWE career. He's getting eliminated first from the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, isn't he?


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