WWE Hall Of Fame 2017 Ceremony: 15 WTF Moments

Kurt Angle is still the GOAT.

Kurt Angle Milk

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is over for another year, and what a show it was, surely one of the best the WWE has ever put on, thanks to an emphasis on wholly deserving recipients and a lack of dead air (for the most part).

From bizarre technical choices to misbehaving superstars, unexpected wrestler shout-outs and, yes, more milk than you'd ever expect to see at a Hall of Fame ceremony, this year's show also had more than its share of weirdness.

Nobody can blame you if you skipped out on watching the entire near-four-hour broadcast, so here's a cliff notes of the night's most peculiar and eye-opening moments you absolutely must know about.

15. Convenient Camera Is Convenient

WWE Hall Of Fame 2017 Triple H DDP

The show opened with the induction of Diamond Dallas Page, preceded by a video package which showed the moment where DDP received the call from Triple H informing him of his induction.

It's a great, emotional moment, but it's more than a little strange that DDP just so happened to have a camera crew following him around at the opportune moment. One suspects he probably had an idea what was about to happen with a camera being pointed in his face.

Or more likely, DDP already knew and this was simply shot for posterity's sake. It's still cool to see, but feels rather manufactured.


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