WWE Hall Of Fame 2017 Rumours - DDP & Rick Rude To Be Inducted?

The class of 2017 is starting to take shape.

Ddp Rick Rude

We're only six days into 2017 and the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony doesn't take place until April 1st, but the rumoured class of 2017 is already coming together. On Tuesday, PWInsider suggested that former WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page would be the first inductee, and it's now being reported that "Ravishing" Rick Rude is set to join him.

Rude was just 40 years old when he passed away in April 1999. He worked for WWE, WCW, and ECW throughout his career, and is best remembered as a former WWE Intercontinental and WCW United States Champion. He retired from the ring after suffering a severe back injury in 1994, but continued to appear as a valet throughout the decade.

DDP held gold in both WCW and WWE, but has become just as well known for his work outside the ring in recent years. Page started developing DDP Yoga while rehabbing a back problem in 1998, and countless wrestlers have credited DDP and his program with turning their lives around, including 2014 Hall of Fame inductees Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall.

WWE are yet to make an announcement on the class of 2017, but DDP and Rude have been rumoured for years, and their inductions are more than justifiable.

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