WWE Insider Wins $45,600 From $3.36 Accumulator SummerSlam 2017 Bet

Why gambling sites are blocking these types of bets in the future.

Brock Lesnar Braun Strowman

Betting on a scripted artform like professional wrestling might sound odd, but there's big money to be made for those with inside knowledge.

According to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, one such insider made an absolute killing at SummerSlam. This individual reportedly gets all WWE match finishes ahead of time, and while the company often change outcomes at the last minute, this wasn't the case at their latest pay-per-view. Thus, the insider placed a $3.36 ten-match accumulator, got them all right, and won $45,600.

These incidents are nothing new, and as per the Observer, gambling sites are now considering dropping WWE events to avoid further shortfalls. It's reported that this specific individual may be responsible for killing the sport's entire betting scene, as companies usually consider putting odds on wrestling matches an "odd, fun thing," and don't want to open themselves up to similar losses.

The write-up also states that several WWE wrestlers often bet on match outcomes, forcing gambling sites to alter their odds as the 'smart money' comes in. These swings are rarely inaccurate, making this an extremely lucrative loophole for those privy to WWE's booking decisions.


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