Sting copy are reporting that TNA star Sting may be finally on his way to the WWE very soon. These fresh batch of “Sting to the WWE” rumours come on the heels of a set of video packages seen on last night’s RAW. These video packages were to set up a match between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio and included a long list of former World Heavyweight Champions and former WWE Champions. However it also included current TNA star Sting in the video. This got people talking. reports that Sting was included in those video packages for a reason. Many sites are claiming that:

“Sting is once again interested in joining WWE. While he hasn’t opened direct negotiations with the company, he has sent feelers to WWE about joining them. There is said to be a lot of confidence on WWE’s side that Sting will be on their roster eventually.”

Will we finally get Sting in the WWE? Will we get a match that writes itself between two icons, The Undertaker is the WWE against the spirit of WCW? This could be the ultimate Wrestlemania moment and remains a dream match. I hope so, as I hope for an WWE Hall of Fame induction and a Best of DVD for Sting. These reports are a start but we still need something more concrete. After all Hulk Hogan was also included in these videos. 

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This article was first posted on July 3, 2013