WWE: Jake The Snake Roberts Talks Hall Of Fame

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts was a guest on the Busted Open radio show this week and among other subjects discussed…

Matt Aspin


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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts was a guest on the Busted Open radio show this week and among other subjects discussed whether or not he sees himself being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at some point in the future.

“In the past, I was angry, I said stuff I shouldn’t have said, blew some things out of proportion, and – guess what? – nobody’s 100 percent right all the time. I’ve made some pretty bad remarks about certain people going in that I didn’t think should be in there and I’ve got to learn to shut my mouth. It’s not up to me who goes in. All I will tell you is this – I appreciate the things WWE did for me. I’m ashamed of myself in a way that I threw away opportunities for whatever reason, whether it was the drugs, or whether I got pissed off, or whether they screwed me over, whatever, there is no good reason to throw away the talent that I had.

If the Lord wants me to, and Vince McMahon wants me to, I’ll go into the Hall of Fame. But, if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay, too.”

After years away from WWE Roberts finds himself in the unique position of being completely clean from drugs and alcohol after a stint in Diamond Dallas Page’s Accountability Crib.

“I’m at a good place in my life and I’ve got a lot of things that I want to accomplish before I leave this planet and one of them would be going into the Hall of Fame, sure. Another one would be to close my career the way I wanted to. To go back out there one last time. I pity the poor fools who get in my way, because that’s what I’m working towards. I’m working towards going out the way I wanted to. I’ve got to get back out there because whenever I quit, I had to quit because I couldn’t hardly walk, my feet were so messed up, my hands were so messed up, I couldn’t straighten them out, my feet or my hands. Now I got that all taken care of. I’m not on the meds anymore for my hands or feet, which is amazing.”

Roberts was last seen in TNA as a guest referee for a Raven/Abyss brawl but is most widely remembered for his work in the WWF/E in the 1990s including being victim number 2 in The Undertaker’s Streak and attacking Randy Savage with a snake. He was also famously the man who inspired Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 3:16 speech at King of the Ring before falling off the wagon again. He is perhaps best remembered as a fat, lazy, drug addled mess in the documentary Beyond the Mat.

Roberts has been clean now for over 100 days and is currently working alongside Page to help former New World Order original Scott Hall clean himself up after years of drug and alcohol abuse.

Do you think Jake has earned a spot in the Hall of Fame? And who would you chose to induct him?