WWE: John Cena vs Randy Orton - 10 Perspectives On Unifying The World Titles

Cena Wwe Title The biggest news coming out of Survivor Series 2013 was the tease that John Cena and Randy Orton are going to face off. It would be a very significant feud - both men are current world champions. We are possibly looking at a scenario in which WWE unifies the world championships to create one Undisputed Champion. It would be a huge change to the way the company currently does business, and an angle which opens up further questions, such as what does just one champion mean for the future of Smackdown? With the WWE network coming in 2014, and no distinguishable champion of it's own, Smackdown may not be long for this world. Huge changes are coming if WWE goes ahead and has only one reigning champion. It would be the first time in 11 years that the champion has been so clearly defined. The current world title was introduced alongside the WWE championship in September 2002, and for the most part, the company has benefited from having two aspirational belts. In saying that, the hottest period of business for the company was 1998-2001 when only one belt was fought over. The angle went down at Survivor Series to an admittedly unsure reaction. Tonight on Raw it will surely be developed further and get some heat behind it as WWE explains the story. We had seen Cena talking to Hunter and Stephanie backstage at Survivor Series, before Orton came in and questioned what was going on. It seemed that was just a small tease for the future, but the angle was blown fully open when Cena came out after Orton beat Big Show. The WWE champion stood in between Hunter and Steph, before getting in the ring and holding up his title to Orton's face. The Viper responded by displaying his title. The message seems to be that Orton and Cena are going to do battle to see who is the real world champion, the real face of the company. Let's take a look and analyse 10 perspectives of what all this means for the WWE...
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