WWE King Of The Ring 2019: 7 Ways WWE Can Make It Work

Sixth time lucky for the once-proud WWE staple...

WWE King Of The Ring 2019

Someone call up Booker T, because the King Of The Ring concept is back, and the winner of 2019's version might need some advice.

The once-cherished tournament has become a laughing stock since the fun-loving days of "King Bookah". Follow-up winners like William Regal, Sheamus and Wade Barrett have either been disgraced by poor booking after the fact or made to look like chumps wearing Halloween castoffs. In fairness, it wasn't all rosy before WWE whipped KOTR off the pay-per-view calendar.

For every truly great winner like Bret Hart, his brother Owen or Steve Austin, there was a crappy one like Mabel or Billy Gunn waiting just around the corner. This year's version will only be a success if WWE treat it like the push machine it can be, instead of expecting victory to be the sole star maker. Fingers crossed they've learned from past mistakes.

They'll have to dig through previous guff to find hidden beauty in an idea that holds a special place in older fans' hearts. If they do, then WWE may find that King Of The Ring can be an effective tool that churns out fresh content in the Network era.

Here's everything they must do to make sure it works out that way...


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