WWE Live Review From Ringside - 10 Interesting Observations

10. Kofi Kingston Signed For Every Fan Waiting For Him

John CantonJohn CantonIf you go to a WWE live event, the chances are good that you're going to be able to meet some wrestlers outside in the parking lot. If it's a TV taping then they might go to the arena at around 1pm just to go over everything. For live events it might be two hours before the show because they don't need to go over the minor details as much. After parking down the street in another building, we made our way to the parking lot just to scope out the crowd. There were a lot of kids all excited about seeing their favorite stars. We didn't notice too many interesting things except The Great Khali was driven to the arena by somebody (not a wrestler) and Layla came by herself in a white truck. What was noticeable was how nice Kofi Kingston was to the fans. There were fans lined up against the railing when Kingston showed up. It probably took him 30 minutes, but he signed and took photos with whoever wanted him to. That's the kind of thing that really makes me respect a guy. Those kids will have that memory forever. When the show was over in the same parking lot, Paige spent about 15 minutes signing for fans that asked. She left and Erick Rowan signed for a bit too. Most of the others left while the show was going on because they had a two hour drive to Toronto and it was 10:30pm by that point.

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