As one era begins with the WWE Network, another era ends as veteran women wrestler Mae Young has died, aged 90.

Young is hugely respected within the wrestling industry, making occasional televised appearances right up until last year. She was a true lady of wrestling, tough to the core, willing to do what was right for business. This led to some hugely memorable moments in the Attitude Era, when Young had no qualms with grossing out the audience by taking part in bikini contests, despite being aged in her seventies. Mae would also take bumps, infamously one off the stage from Bubba Ray Dudley – she was fearless and a worker who put the business first. Vince McMahon and all in WWE had a huge respect for her.

Mae broke into the business when she was still in her youth, starting out in 1939 she was the first NWA U.S. Womens Champion. She quickly gained a reputation for being as hard as nails, feared by both the female and male roster. In her 8 decade wrestling career she always maintained a huge reputation of respect and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2007. Few performers will ever show such longevity in the industry. Rest in peace Mae Young, a true legend of the ring who witnessed and succeeded in so many eras of pro wrestling.

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This article was first posted on January 9, 2014