WWE Main Event And NXT Review: Does The Shield Do Dean Ambrose Justice?

Since their debut in November 2012, The Shield has definitely changed the landscape of the WWE. Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose…

Paul Jordan


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Since their debut in November 2012, The Shield has definitely changed the landscape of the WWE. Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose have brought justice to the developmental system by making first impressions all the more important. However, in recent weeks, it seemed the three have taken a backseat to other storylines and showed vulnerability piling up losses. This week justice looks to be a priority again on this week’s Main Event and NXT.

Let’s start with the first of two appearances on this weeks edition of The Main Event. The show begins with a six man tag rematch from last week’s Monday Night Raw as the Usos and Mark Henry battle The Shield. Really solid opening contest with good back and forth between the two trios. The babyfaces start off really hot dominating until the first commercial break and then it switches as the Hounds of Justice take control.

I have to point out, I really enjoy Dean Ambrose and his erratic style and have for some time. Ambrose does the little things so well. From his movements to how he applies holds, every little detail matters. It’s sad that even though he is the United States champion I don’t think he gets his due. He reminds me a lot of fellow Cincinnati native the late Brian Pillman. I don’t really think Ambrose has been given a real opportunity to shine in his own quite yet as Rollins and Reigns have. That’s one of the problems with being in a faction that is so single minded.

The match itself ends as The Shield using their mass confusion technique double teaming Jey with Rollins doing a Lights Out curb stomp with Ambrose picks the victory. Glad to see they got a victory as lately they’ve been used to elevate other teams.

Afterwards, we hear a promo backstage from the trio basically hitting the reset button on the group. Ambrose begins saying that last match was too easy. Rollins says no matter if it’s John Cena, Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton they are putting them on notice. And Roman says whoever you are, wherever you’re from there’s never an end to injustice. Believe in the Shield.

Next up, we get our Total Divas match of the night as Natalya battles Aksana. Not the greatest match, but at least they tried to use psychology with Aksana working the leg. In the end, Natalya wins with the Sharpshooter. I will give Aksana this much, she may not have wrestling ability at least the Lithuanian diva has a presence.

They show a video package on the beat down of CM Punk on Monday.

We come back and Paul Heyman is with commentators The Miz and Josh Matthews. Curtis Axel is an action as a part of the Sin Cara invitational. But the real story was outside of the ring as Matthews and The Miz giving the third degree to the Heyman involving CM Punk. Matthews has never had so much moxie in his life and Heyman plays off that so well deflecting the questions as the Miz remains quiet. Heyman says the Miz was a Heyman guy and the awesome one says he had to distance himself and become his own man to achieve success. Great stuff.

As all this was going on, Axel is struggling with the masked man in the ring. He has defeated Cara twice and had very little problem but on this occasion Curtis looked rather weak without Heyman in the corner. Axel manages to nail his corkscrew neckbreaker for the win as they go off the air.

Moving on to this week’s NXT, we have quite the showdowns on this weeks episode. With an appearance from The Shield as Dean Ambrose defends the US title against Adrian Neville to kick us off. But before we do we are introduced to the new announce team of Tom Phillips and Alex Riley. Before the match, we hear an announcement that Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

(Love that, it’s the little things that will get a character over)

Ambrose and Neville had a solid match with great chemistry. Wasn’t the greatest match, but it was good nonetheless. Dean was methodical and cunning in his movements as Neville showed highflying skills. In the end, Rollins and Reigns interfere causing a DQ after Adrian Neville nails The Red Arrow. The Shield attacks Neville leading to Corey Graves and Xavier Woods to come to the rescue. This sets up a six tag match for next week.

Before I go on, I want to commend Alex Riley on great commentary in the booth. Sure he didn’t have it over the top delivery of that is normally associated with that position. He gives great insight in what makes the guys work. Riley is understated in his delivery and very reminiscent of a ESPN anchor or a college football game announcer. It’s a shame that due to politics Riley may never receive the in ring recognition that he deserves. But maybe he can make his mark behind the desk.

Moving back to the show, we head backstage and see a promo as Sylvester LeFort and Scott Dawson are interacting with the Certified Gees Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy. They are talking about next week’s match with Dawson and Mason Ryan saying that is all the money and Cassidy and Amore will be on hand for the proceedings. All while CJ Parker is in the background photo bombing the camera.

We see a great video package from Leo Kruger saying that as a child he was laughed at in school. And tonight everyone will laugh at Bo Dallas once he wins the NXT title. The promo finishes with maniacal laughter. Great stuff. I love the Kruger character. I wonder what is going be called up to the main roster. Maybe with the absence of Sheamus due to injury someone will be brought up?

Back in the arena, it’s time for the dance battle between Emma and Summer Rae. This is your standard popularity contest in which the crowd is behind the babyface Emma driving Summer Rae crazy. We see the running man, the shopping trolley and a little fandango. In the end, Emma wins the contest in the number one contenders spot.

But Summer Rae would not be denied attacking the Australian diva with her Split Reverse DDT. In the end it was announced that Emma would not be able to compete next week for the NXT Women’s Title and the shot would be given to Summer Rae.

(I understand why they did this because WWE don’t want Paige to get booed against Emma again. But isn’t that setting a bad precedent? Just attack someone and you get a title shot.)

Tyler Breeze complete with his phone makes his way down to the ring against the very rough looking Danny Burch. This is the much the same thing from a few weeks ago as Breeze is fascinated by his own look and attacks his opponent. Breeze nails his spinning back kick (I call it Back in Fashion) getting the victory. Unlike his debut, we got to see his celebration taking humiliating pictures laying on his down opponent in the ring. I love his entrance with the integration of his camera on the video screen showing what’s on his phone. Great use of technology to get a character over.

Bo Dallas is backstage with René Young, who asks about his upcoming title defense against Leo Kruger. Dallas caresses Young’s hair calling her naïve saying don’t worry. René brings up the loss last week in which Bo claims Sami Zayn for being inexperienced but he likes the guy. Dallas says Kruger is a crazy guy, but it won’t matter because as long as you don’t stop Bolieving.

(Over-the-top cheesy bad promo, which I would guess was intentionally bad. But so bad it’s kind of good.)

Before the main event, we hear that Tyler Breeze has left the building. Then we see a pretty good match between Leo Kruger and Bo Dallas. The crowd was really behind the Kruger as the no more Bo movement continues. Leo was almost the babyface in the contest. Full Sail University really want to see a title change. The crowd went nuts when it looked like Kruger was going to get the submission with the GC3. Unfortunately, they never got their wish as Dallas pulled out an arm submission of his own for the win. This drives me a little crazy sitting there was no real work on the arm from Bo beforehand.

The show goes off the air with Dallas stands triumphant and Kruger looks despondent. All in all, a solid two hours of WWE programming. Definitely check out the six man tag on The Main Event and Axel versus Sin Cara for the stuff with Heyman. And on the NXT check out the opening match and Kruger versus Dallas. Nothing was inherently bad on the this week.

Until next week.