WWE: Main Event & NXT Review – Thoughts On The Character Of Bayley

Hello everyone, I’m here for the double dose of Wednesday World Wrestling Entertainment, The Main Event and NXT. This week,…

Paul Jordan



Hello everyone, I’m here for the double dose of Wednesday World Wrestling Entertainment, The Main Event and NXT. This week, I’m going to do something a little bit different. Let’s start with this week’s NXT from Full Sail University.

After the show open, the action instantly kicks off with the last semi-final match in the NXT Women’s Championship tournament. Tom Phillips and Brad Maddox welcome us with the dance card definitely full as Summer Rae battles the very bubbly Emma. Overall, a good match with some good back and forth. Summer once again uses her legs in interesting ways. Emma looked the best she had in quite some time and getting the character she is starting to get the balance of entertaining alongside wrestling. In the end, Emma pulls out the upset after a series pinfalls.

Afterwards, Summer Rae attacks Emma which brings down Paige who comes to the rescue of her future opponent for the NXT Women’s Title. I like this segment a lot. It will be interesting to see what these two bring us in the finals.

Then we go backstage as Bayley is backstage with Dusty Rhodes asking why the young girl was so enamored and hugged Alicia Fox a few weeks ago. Bayley says that Fox was shiny as she gets speechless with the site of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and his daughter Charlotte make her character television debut. Rhodes says he cannot wait for her in ring debut next week, he just needs to find her opponent. Bayley says she’ll face Charlotte next week. Everyone agrees but before The Nature Boy can leave the fan girl Bayley asks the Hall of Famer for a trademark Woo. Flair obliges. Bayley then does a few of her own after the Flair clan exits.

A lot of people are comparing Bayley and her shy character to that of Eugene’s storyline..While I see the similarities, I don’t think the character is “slow” or “special” in that regard. Instead, I just think the character is an introverted super fan of the WWE as a whole much in the same way many teenage girls were into Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. I really love what they’ve done so far with Bayley, and it will be interesting to see what happens when and if the character s brought up to the main roster.

We move forward in the action as Leo Kruger fights Sami Zayn spurring from the end of last week’s show. This was probably the best match of the night.

Good back and forth between the two as the match begins with a quicker pace as Sami Zayn gets the early advantage. In the end, Kruger gets the victory after working on Sami’s arm applying the GC3 and getting the submission. This surprised me as Sami look to be on a rocket course to the NXT title and he still could be given later announcements. It just came off as a strange move.

We go backstage with René Young with Adrian Neville, Corey Graves and William Regal. The trio talks about their upcoming encounter with the Wyatt family with Neville saying that they are ready for the tag team titles next week. Graves says that time for talk is over and that the Wyatt family will stay down showing off his tattoos again. And his Lordship talks about when he was born when the doctor slapped his ass he broke his fingers. I love William Regal.

Back in the arena, Mason Ryan battles two on one The Original G Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy. I have to say the crowd is not SAWFT on Amore, they love the character. The match itself was okay, Mason Ryan showed his power in the beginning but the numbers were too much and the duo got the upset. Another surprise..

The American Dream makes the announcement that next week a true number one contender will be named as Antonio Cesaro will battle Sami Zayn and Leo Kruger. Also announced for next week, Bayley versus Charlotte, Bo Dallas goes against Scott Dawson in singles action (anyone know where Garrett Dylan is?) And of course the tag team titles are on the line as the Wyatt family (Luke Harper and Eric Rowan) defend against Corey Graves and Kassius Ohno.

Speaking of the tag team titles the champions along with Bray Wyatt make their way to the ring. Wyatt cuts a promo saying he feels sorry for his opponents saying the devourer of worlds was born a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Great stuff. The match itself was solid as well. One of my favorite moments was teamwork of Adrian Neville and William Regal kicking the crap out of Bray Wyatt in the corner. It really felt like there was a mentor relationship there somewhat between the two. Neville also did one of his amazing dives to the outside with an inverted flip but unfortunately he did not stick the landing. In the end, Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on Regal for the win.

This was a much stronger episode than in weeks past. With everything set up for next week, Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

Moving on to this weeks Main Event, the show was pretty much a one match show with Raw Recapson the Wyatt family and the Vickie Guerrero situation. The show begins with the show off himself Dolph Ziggler. Dolph once again alone battles Antonio Cesaro after another great promo from Zeb Colter. The promo consisted of talking about how America used to be based around hard work and climbing the ladder the right way. Now that’s traded in for a La-Z-Boy but that will change this Sunday at Money in the Bank.

The match itself started off slow but built up. Antonio hit an amazing vertical suplex on Dolph from the outside of the ring in on the second rope. Dolph reciprocated with a nice reversal to the European uppercut into a DDT. I wondered with these two in prominent positions at the pay-per-view how this would play out. After a battle of attrition Dolph manages to hit the Zigzag but Jack Swagger on the outside pulls them out of the cover causing a DQ.

After the match, Dolph shows that his time in the Spirit Squad was not for nothing as he once again leaps over the steps and Colter. I guess that makes you a babyface.

We then have a six man tag that was advertised as a red carpet affair as the Tons of Funk and the Punjabi Playboy versus Team Rhodes Scholars and Heath Slater. Sandow cuts a promo once again saying that Cody and he will not let the briefcase come between them.… This Sunday.

This match was as crazy for the personalities on the outside as than in. Natalya,Naomi and Cameron along were on the outside watching on. In the end, Rhodes Scholars decide to leave Slater high and dry leaving the babyfaces to get the victory..

Definitely watch NXT this week and Dolph versus Antonio from the Main Event. Have a great week everyone.