WWE Main Event & NXT Review: Why WWE Must Handle Wrestlers With Care

Nxt It's been one of those weeks in WWE where things haven't been looking the greatest. The Raw rating was the the lowest since December, and maybe the powers that be might want to rethink their strategy. People in Stamford may tell you that it's due to one person's inability to get over, but it's much, much deeper than that. Instead of going into a long diatribe, I will show you what the problem is and how in the same company things are done better. Let's look at this week's editions of WWE Main Event and NXT.

WWE Main Event

Wwe Main Event We begin the night on Main Event, with Santino Marella power-walking to the ring as Josh Matthews and Alex Riley welcome us to the show. Soon after, Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring and says that in the land of the idiot, the halfwit is King. He then congratulates his opponent tonight, calling him dumb, which Santino is happy about. Sandow then insults the Master of the Cobra on how annoying his habits are, calling him a pest. And apparently, Marella takes more offense to that. The match itself really does nothing for Sandow. Santino makes him look like a goof, mocking him and almost defeating him. The announcers really play up the fact that the Intellectual Saviour should cash in his contract on the World Heavyweight Champion this Sunday. How does a joke match get him ready to take the secondary position in the company? If he wins at Battleground, I see him as more of a transitional champion to give the belt somebody else. We move on to a look at Triple H 's latest interview with Michael Cole. He says that fans are tired of Big Show crying on camera. For once, I agree with the COO, then he says that Big Show needs to understand what's best for business is best for the Big Show. They are really playing into breaking down the giant as their corporate hitman. Heading back to the ring, The Primetime Players are all decked out in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The crowd is really over with them. It's interesting that the WWE has really backed off on their push recently; this week, they lose again to the Wyatt family. Everybody looked much more credible than they had in recent weeks, but I have to wonder why. Wouldn't you want to slowly build them up and then have them battle? Instead, Darren Young falls and Bray gives Titus Sister Abigail, and then we go to commercial. Next, The Real Americans defeat Tons of Funk in a lackluster match. These two really don't gel well. Antonio tries the big swing on Brodus, but it doesn't look as impressive. Cesaro wins with the Neutralizer, and does anybody really care? Zeb and company look strong on Main Event and nowhere else. What are they doing with this group? Cesaro and Jack prove they can have good matches, and the pairing can't seem to win 75% of the time. It really implants in the audience that they really don't matter, which is a shame. They show CM Punk-Heyman stuff from Monday Night Raw, and we see the Rhodes and Authority confrontation from Monday Then we go to the final match with Curtis Axel and Zack Ryder. They discuss his match with R Truth; it really doesn't show Curtis Axel in the best light, as Ryder gets way too much offense, almost defeating the Intercontinental title holder multiple times - not the best way to build up the champion before the pay-per-view. And the WWE wonder why these guys cannot get over; there's a perception when a guy loses a match every week that even the layman understands. Click "Next" to see my review of this week's NXT...
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