WWE Money In The Bank 2017: 21 Best Internet Reactions To A Supposedly "Historic" Night

Historic, prestigious... And a joke.

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If the only agenda WWE were seeking for Money In The Bank was to have people talk about the occasion of the first, historic Women's MITB Ladder match, they pulled it off with aplomb. And as long as you don't look at the majority of the reactions to it, and simply how many there were, they'd probably be delighted.

Unfortunately, for most people, the lingering reaction to the latest SmackDown PPV will be that it trolled the fanbase in a way that was horribly reductive for the sake of cheap heat. They turned what should have been a prestigious moment into the latest gag in James Ellsworth's armoury, and made themselves look provocatively out of touch in the process.

Sure, you can say it served a heelish agenda, but consider - for one moment - how that might have made female fans who have argued against misrepresentation and imbalance in the product for years feel. And little it now looks like WWE cares about them or their own women's divisions.

Anyway, somewhat remarkably, that finish wasn't the only thing to happen in St Louis, with three title matches, a big debut and a ring return all struggling not to be obliterated from memory by the image of Ellsworth breaking the rules completely.

So how did the Internet Wrestling Community see it?

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