WWE News: CM Punk vs The Rock Official at Royal Rumble


Coming right off the back of a highly charged RAW it is now official that The Rock will face CM Punk at the annual Royal Rumble event. This won€™t come as a surprise to many, or anyone actually, as oh so many hints have been rammed up our throats so much that the most jaded fan would know that this match was always going to headline the Rumble.

The real question is; who will walk out of the event with the WWE Championship? For months it€™s been written in concrete, blood and all other manners of permanent things that Rocky will be the WWE champion yet again. Only recently it was reported that The Rock has been made to believe that he will be winning the grandest belt in western wrestling but even more recently there have been reports that management are actuallly unsure with their plans right now.

If this is true and management are having second thoughts it really spices the situation up nicely, even for smarks like myself. I€™ve made no bones about the fact I don€™t want to see Rock win the title as it would figuratively poop on the entire company. No man can beat punk in over 400 days but this Hollywood actor (let€™s face it, that€™s what he is now) can waltz in and beat him clean. If this were a real organisation the rest of the roster would be fired immediately if an outsider can come in and succeed so immensely. Also if he were to keep the belt until €˜Mania I can only see him dropping it to Cena who doesn€™t even need the belt let alone get a victory over a past €œLegend€.

BUT would Rock being champ help boost interest and ratings? Of course it would and Vince can see the cash flowing through his mitts already. Not only that, but media and news outlets would likely report the occurrence adding more coverage to the event. Business is business after all and people, like me, who would more than likely switch the Pay Per View off immediately following the 3 count will simply have to get used to the idea that Rock is most likely going to be champion once again.

There is some good that could come out of this potential outcome. CM Punk can get involved in a feud with talent that have come on leaps and bounds in the past year who wouldn€™t look right going for an obviously unattainable championship considering Punks reign. Guys like Sandow, Cesaro, Barrett and Ryback, who could finally get his win over Punk. We could very possibly see a world class, 30 minute wrestling master class at WrestleMania between himself and Daniel Bryan. There is always a silver lining!

Check back tomorrow for my in depth review of Monday Night RAW.


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