WWE Planning HUGE Angle For Brock Lesnar's Return?

The Beast is set to Conquer through WrestleMania season.

Brock Lesnar Paul Heyman

Per the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Brock Lesnar's new WWE contract is yet another short-term deal that runs through WrestleMania season.

We know that the Beast is set to clash in a Champion Vs. Champion sequel match with AJ Styles at Survivor Series. We have now learned that Lesnar will definitely not be appearing at December's TLC, although, this being a B-level PPV crammed with painful gimmick matches, that is hardly newsworthy.

What is newsworthy is the nugget that "There is a significant angle that is supposed to be part of his storyline going forward".

This is intriguing.

A Braun Strowman victory over Baron Corbin, ahead of a Royal Rumble rematch (the stadium setting, Meltzer suggests, renders a Lesnar appearance very likely, UFC plans be damned) doesn't warrant that tidbit, surely. Such an arc feels decidedly less than significant, given the muted and confused reaction to the Crown Jewel layout that hardly inspired much clamour for that rematch.

In the meantime, Meltzer has reported that Strowman is experiencing considerable trouble with his knees. In parallel, Mike Johnson of PWInsider has suggested this week that Braun Strowman's attitude has not endeared himself to management. Strowman, per Johnson, has taken to leaving shows early and breaching etiquette, and is slowly becoming his "own worst enemy". A performer with an apparent bad attitude and the potential to be sidelined does not meet Vince McMahon's remit of a top guy who can be relied upon for several years.

Meltzer is known to scatter "hints" throughout the Observer when told of information off the record. He wrote in the same story that "McIntyre is clearly being groomed for a top run."

Is a Drew McIntyre Rumble win, and face turn, the launching point of both the WrestleMania 35 main event and the future complexion of the company?

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