WWE Plans For Cain Velasquez Revealed

Which brand will the MMA star be tied to?


MMA transplant Cain Velasquez is already set for a huge match with Brock Lesnar in Saudi Arabia come the end of the month, but having signed a massive multi-year deal with the company, there are presumably plans in the pipeline for the future.

Well, not really. According to Dave Meltzer, writing in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the only thing WWE have planned for 'Brown Pride' at present is to keep him alongside Rey Mysterio until the end of the month

Effectively, that ties him to Raw - even though he is currently in a programme with SmackDown's top star. Meltzer speculates that, until Crown Jewel 2019 is done and dusted, Velasquez will be considered a special guest - and therefore, not bound to one brand or the other.

You'd imagine that challenging for the SmackDown exclusive WWE Championship would implicitly put Cain on the blue side of affairs, but apparently not. When his beef with Brock is over and done with - and let's assume for the sake of good sense he won't walk away with the title - it's entirely unclear where he goes from there.

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