The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is held the night before WrestleMania and is one of WWE’s most popular events of the year because it’s the night when the WWE Universe can thank legends for everything they did in their careers.

The first inductee for this year’s Hall of Fame is the Ultimate Warrior. A former WWE Champion, Warrior is a guy that has had an interesting history with WWE, but is back on great terms and will likely be the biggest single name at the Hall of Fame this year.

Who else might make it in? We don’t know yet, so it’s time to speculate a bit because there are a lot of people who can be honored at the big event taking place on April 5th in New Orleans.

Two names that are always rumored are Randy Savage and Owen Hart. In Savage’s case, of course he should have been in about a decade ago. Why isn’t he? There’s no true answer to that question except that he’s not in yet. It’s a damn shame. There’s no indication that this would be the year for him.

In Owen Hart’s case, there have been legal issues for years with his widow Martha. Apparently those have been resolved to some degree, but whether that means he’d be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame is another story.

Let’s also remember that WWE Hall of Fame is not always about deserving. A guy like Koko B Ware is in there despite the fact he never won a title, probably lost 80% of his televised matches (a glorified jobber really) and is usually the name people point to when it comes to people who don’t deserve to be in there.

There are many names that could be in, but for this one we’re only going with six. Here they are.

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This article was first posted on January 22, 2014