WWE Producing XFL Relaunch Material

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WWE's expensively-assembled production team have been tasked with producing brand new packages to help promote an XFL revival.

PWInsider.com have reported that the crew have been instructed to cobble together video with a view of formally relaunching the project in 2020. This will allow the company two years to hire coaches, players and staffers that will hopefully ensure the rogue league lasts beyond its inaugural season. The NBC/WWE joint venture leapt out the blocks initially, but ratings plummeted in stereo with the quality of the product overall. A 2017 ESPN '30 For 30' on the rise and fall of the project did note some innovations that crept into the NFL years later, planting a seed for a possible return.

Despite being punchline for years since the calamitous financial failure of the 2001 vintage, the XFL sprung back into the headlines when Vince McMahon trademarked 'Alpha Entertainment' for use on a potential relaunch. Finances and operations were said to be kept separate from the wrestling side of his fortune, but this shared production already now suggests otherwise.

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