WWE Quiz: Can You Name These Current Finishers?

Test your knowledge on some of WWE's biggest match-ending moves...


Between the flashy AJ Styles combo of 'Phenomenal Forearm' and 'Styles Clash, Randy Orton's ever-satisfying 'RKO' and Charlotte Flair's neat twist on history known as the 'Figure Eight', there are some brilliant finishers in WWE these days. All the ones listed there are worthy of sitting alongside classics like Steve Austin's timeless 'Stunner', Triple H's 'Pedigree' and Bret Hart's 'Sharpshooter'.

They have another thing in common: none of them are in this quiz.

That'd be a bit easy, wouldn't it? Instead, we've whipped up a collection of 20 different finishing moves that WWE stars currently use on television. Names here include Drew McIntyre, Johnny Gargano, The New Day, Ember Moon, Lacey Evans and more.

Each question is multiple choice, but there are some tricky ones in there to keep your mind guessing. So, if you think you can get the perfect score of 20/20 and know every finisher there is to know in WWE today, then this is the quiz for you.

We hope you know your Viking Raiders from your Viking Experience, and don't have nightmares instead of Velveteen Dreams. Get stuck in!

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