WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Know Matt Hardy?

If you can get all ten right that would be WONDERFUL!


Since making his WWF debut all the way back in 1994, to running the tag division with Bray Wyatt in 2018, it is fair to say that Matt Hardy has had one heck of a career. Between then and now, the former tag champ has left and returned to the WWE on numerous occasions, finding success both individually and as a team, most famously with younger brother Jeff.

Hardy found fame as part of Team Extreme, then journeyed on his own with his Version 1.0 persona and wonderful Woken persona to name a few.

The former ECW champion's time in WWE may be coming to an untimely end (Hardy has shared the news of his gruesome sounding injury in which his lower back is fusing to his pelvis), but there is no doubt his career will be remembered fondly.

How well do you remember it?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Matt's Full Name?


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